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Re: Who will write filtering scripts?

1997-03-28 11:48:37
On Fri, 28 Mar 1997, John Mani wrote:

+ Who runs the filter ? Choices:

I would like to integrate filtering into the Cyrus deliver program, which
takes mail from sendmail (or whatever other MTA is in use) and puts it in an
IMAP mailbox and updates the cache files.

I see no reason why one language couldn't be used to support multiple
attitudes on when to filter -- for example, in Cyrus, we might not allow as
much flexibility as a user might like, but if his client supported
filtering, he might be able to get his client to do it.

 1. The delivery agent at the time of delivery to one's
    INBOX ? How does the delivery agent have access to the user's folders ?
    Thru IMAP ? (which means that the delivery agent needs an open connection
    to the server all the time ... and the server may need to support shared
    read-write access to folders ..)

Shared read-write access to folders isn't a big problem for us, but it is
for others.  I believe delivery is the best answer, but that it can't be
implemented for everyhone.

 2. The IMAP server ? So that the filtering happens when the INBOX is 
selected ?
    Or should there be an extension to the server to start filtering ?

If I have a mailbox called "", and I want others to read it, I
need a way to submit messages to it.  By having filtering happen at
select-of-INBOX time, we have a number of serious problems with this model
(which several people have wanted to use under CMU's legacy system, but
haven't been able to).

a) Until I select my INBOX, no one else can read the messages.  I might
   go on vacation, or I might be lax and not read my mail for three days.
b) If it's a client extension, filtering requires client support -- I
   consider this just another obstacle.  Multiple folder support is enough
   to do filtering, and I'd rather not impose other requirements on it.

+ Where/how is the filter installed ?
    The filter has to be installed in a user-preference repository. ACAP/LDAP
    seems to be the obvious way to setup/access the filter.

Disclaimer: I'm biased towards ACAP.  In CMU's legacy system, a common
networked file system was used (AFS), and I suspect a shared file system
will be good enough for a lot of sites.

                                           Tim Showalter