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Re: Who will write filtering scripts?

1997-03-27 21:03:35
At 06:09 PM 3/27/97 -0800, Brian Moore wrote:
I believe machine readable is more important.

Let the user agent figure out a way to make it pretty: a filtering set
should be quickly parsed by a machine.  It's not too hard to make a gui
filter-maker that lets you cover various levels of user sophistication
(from full egrep parsing of headers and/or body to just 'has bob in the from

If it isn't too much problem, it would be interesting if there was
a switch, and a cannonicalization that explains how to go from one
to the other.  This could simply be considered an extra pass on the
script human->machine->compiled and turned on by default.  Kind of
like how the unix shell scripts work.

I realize that it makes a bit more work for Tim, but as I outlined
to him earlier at the ACAP conference, having a simplist, yet effective
scripting language is a powerful tool.  I got a sneak peak, and the line
"if size over 10K then bounce ... endif" was pretty straight forward.
if you take it a step further and throw out any words that your grammar
does not recognize, "if the message size if over 10K then bounce end"
becomes very useful.

my 2 cents.
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