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Re: Who will write filtering scripts?

1997-03-28 11:12:06
At 09:48 AM 3/28/97 -0800, John Mani wrote:
Now that we have some activity in this mailing list, I'd like to hear ideas
and opinions about the infrastructure for filtering:

+ Who runs the filter ? Choices:
1. The delivery agent at the time of delivery to one's
   INBOX ? How does the delivery agent have access to the user's folders ?
   Thru IMAP ? (which means that the delivery agent needs an open connection
   to the server all the time ... and the server may need to support shared
   read-write access to folders ..)
2. The IMAP server ? So that the filtering happens when the INBOX is
selected ?
   Or should there be an extension to the server to start filtering ?

For our server, we run the filters against the mailboxes, hence the MTA does
it.  However, we make sure that the MTA does it as the user in question,
to make sure permissions are adhered to.
+ Where/how is the fil+ Where/how is 
   The filter has to be installed in a user-preference repository. ACAP/LDAP
   seems to be the obvious way to setup/access the filter.

Well... LDAP might be useful, but for this, I think not.  ACAP on the
other hand was created to do stuff like this.

Just from my experience people think LDAP = the world, and ACAP = treading
on LDAP's fingers and toes.  From the powers that be in both the LDAP camp
and the ACAP camp, LDAP = the world viewing you and ACAP = you viewing the
world.  i.e. LDAP is for making your presence known to the world and how they
can reach you, and ACAP is information you are storing about how to access
the world.

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