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Re: bounce, mta, & mua (was Re: sieve draft)

1997-11-04 15:13:01
On Nov 4,  3:37pm, Tim Showalter wrote:
Subject: Re: bounce, mta, & mua (was Re: sieve draft)
On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Bart Schaefer wrote:

In the real world, POP3 drops
are sometimes overloaded to deliver messages to an entire domain, e.g.
as a "replacement" for UUCP.

How do sites like this handle mailing lists, BCCs, and the like?

Very poorly, if at all.  Some implementations of delivery agents insert
extra information in the message headers, which is then hopefully stripped
out by the POP3 client on the other end.  Eric Raymond, the author of
fetchmail, was asking about this on another ietf list recently; and I
believe Dan Bernstein, author of the qmail-mta, said his MTA already uses
a custom header-field protocol for passing envelope information across