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question regarding portability

1998-02-09 12:04:19
was going through the draft again on the weekend and
came up with some interesting points.

In 4.2, there is a specification for FileInto, and
it shows that "INBOX.harassment" is the folder.

1) What should happen if "INBOX.harassment" does not exist?
2) Is it worth introducing an extension to test if "INBOX.harassment"
3) Is there any way we can allow for a folder to be created? Or is that
   beyond scope? (i.e. fileinto if exists, create then fileinto if not)
4) Do we want to get into the nasty IMAP folder seperator character
   argument here?  Or is there some way to make the fileinto portable?

The main point for me is #4.  If I want to write a portable script,
something like #4 blow it up.  #3 if interesting for cases where you
want a generic script.

Jack De Winter - Wildbear Consulting, Inc.
(519) 884-4498

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