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Re: question regarding portability

1998-02-09 12:31:50
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 14:13:58 -0500
From: "Jack De Winter" <jack(_at_)wildbear(_dot_)on(_dot_)ca>

In 4.2, there is a specification for FileInto, and
it shows that "INBOX.harassment" is the folder.

1) What should happen if "INBOX.harassment" does not exist?

The script shouldn't run, in my opinion.  This can be checked for before
running the script.

Of course, this means I should change the draft, too.

2) Is it worth introducing an extension to test if "INBOX.harassment"

I don't think so.

3) Is there any way we can allow for a folder to be created? Or is that
   beyond scope? (i.e. fileinto if exists, create then fileinto if not)

It's not beyond scope, but I'm against it.  It's not obvious, it could
create a mailbox that the user doesn't know about in the case of a typo,
and if anyone ever introduces anything that allows a script to munge a
string, it could get ugly.

4) Do we want to get into the nasty IMAP folder seperator character
   argument here?  Or is there some way to make the fileinto portable?

Who says we're limited to IMAP?  This isn't just a hierarchy seperator
argument.  This depends on the naming scheme for folders in a particular

I don't see a lot of utility in doing something "smarter", but I could be

                                          Tim Showalter 

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