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Re: How to handle script errors

1998-02-12 14:21:40
From: Lyndon Nerenberg <lyndon(_at_)esys(_dot_)ca>

Delivery failure messages should be special, and probably shouldn't
go back out to the SMTP server.

You cannot count on this being possible.

Why not?  I think a Sieve implementation running at time of final delivery
has the ability to insert a message into the mail store.*

What if the default mailbox is on another server?

If the time of final delivery for a system is such that the default mailbox
may be on a server different from the one where the message is being
processed, the server is going to have to have the ability to deposit mail
into an arbitrary mailbox, even if the server's down, even if the mailbox
is on another server, then the system is going to have to be able to deal
with it.

If this isn't true, how is the filtering agent going to write to the
mailboxes in the first place?

                                          Tim Showalter