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Re: Multiple actions in Sieve script.

1999-01-22 18:15:16
At 7:49 PM -0500 1/22/99, Tim Showalter wrote:

I think it is OK to both reject and redirect (forward) a message.
The message is not kept.
I am strongly opposed to this. It's been discussed before.

I can live with these being mutually exclusive. What is the rule if both are executed? Last one wins? First one wins? Script aborts (filing into INBOX as default)?

Incidentially, I really think we should dump implicit keep. If this is
not the case, I'd really like to know it now.

What does that mean?  Surely the default action must still be keep.

That's my point exactly.  We need to distinguish a single file-into
from a multiple file-into.  Let's say we spell them "FileInto" and
"CopyInto".  Then, if more than one "FileInto" is executed, only one
of them is effective (which one is an open point).  If more than one
CopyInto is done, all are effective.  If both a CopyInto and a
FileInto are done, both are effective.

I suggest "FileInto" and "FileOnlyInto", or possibly, add an optional
tagged argument to Fileinto, ":only".

Is the intent of the "only" part to prevent also doing a non-only?
So a script can't do:

   if <test 1>
       CopyInto "foo";


   if <test2>
       FileInto "bar";