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Re: Inline comments?

1999-10-14 12:58:27
Sam Robertson wrote:

I'm trying to provide end-user UI and store some necessary 'flags' or
'code' within a line in the sieve code, but in order to make my UI as
flexible as possible I need to have inline comments like the /* */ in
C/C++ in Sieve.  I could easily just use # comments and split a simple
line of code up over multiple lines, but that affects readability which
makes administration difficult without my UI.

Has there been any consideration of adding inline comments, and if not
is there anything that would prevent us from supporting this in Sieve?

Example:  if size :over /* this is an inline comment */ 100K { # this is
a comment

Obviously the text within and including the /* */ would be ignored as
white space.  I can live with the text: "body" not allowing comments,
and thus not requiring any kind of special processing beyond
dot-stuffing and EOM.

Sounds worthy of supporting.

        Tony Hansen

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