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Re: Inline comments?

1999-10-22 09:42:22
Tim Showalter wrote:

samr(_at_)Netscape(_dot_)COM (Sam Robertson) writes:

Obviously the text within and including the /* */ would be ignored as
white space.  I can live with the text: "body" not allowing comments,
and thus not requiring any kind of special processing beyond
dot-stuffing and EOM.

To simplify the lexer's problem a bit, only a # comment is allowed
after "text:".  I really don't want a /**/ comment there, but I'd be
happy to change it to disallow ALL comments.

I started out to say that /**/ comments should be allowed there, but the
more I thought about it, the more problems I saw. (E.g., what happens if
a /**/ comment wants to span lines after the "text:", how about only
allowing single-line /**/ comments there, ugh, double-ugh, etc. :-) ) At
the same time, I think that allowing one type of comment there but not
the other is a mistake. So I'm agreeing with you that it would be better
to disallow all types of comments after "text:" up to the CRLF.

        Tony Hansen

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