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Re: draft-melnikov-sieve-imapflags-03.txt

2000-08-24 08:14:05
--On 08/24/00 09:54:38 -0400 Ken Murchison <ken(_at_)oceana(_dot_)com> wrote:

The upshot of this is that with only one test at the top of my script, I
can flag all of the *extremely* important messages from Tim regardless
of where they get filed/kept.  If we move the imapflags to an optional
argument, I would have to to a test for "tjs" for every fileinto/keep.

I agree with Ken on this. I think it is useful to be able to set flags globally. I also think its useful to be able to set flags on a one-time basis for keep and fileinto commands as well. So I would actually argue for both forms of imapflags to be available: as a global command and as a parameter for fileinto and keep!

Cyrus Daboo