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Re: draft-melnikov-sieve-imapflags-03.txt

2000-08-24 13:07:02
Alexey Melnikov <mel(_at_)messagingdirect(_dot_)com> writes:

it is conceivable for "library" macros to set flags that there is no
reliable way to clear.

You can always unset all known flags. This is ugly but works.
I miss test for set flags :-(.

That isn't work; if an include system has set a global flag like
"Youll-never-guess-the-name-of-this-flag-Bz28QzBNF", you can't really
reliably unset it.  This is a degenrate case, but it's still kinda bad.

So the other thing that occurred to me is this, and it kinda scares me:
if we're going to go down the path of global variables, we might as well
have a $default_flags global variable and use that along with :flags.
Something tells me that the operations on lists of stuff are going to be
reasonably constant.

I am not convinced of this, but in light of some comments Patrik
Fältström made, we might want to go down the path of variables anyway.
If we're going to, basic list operations are going to be essential as

I believe that if we can choose between setting the default/global flags
and setting flags on a single keep/fileinto, we should go with a single
keep/fileinto, and discuss global flags later.