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Re: spamtest vs. "relational" extension

2002-07-28 15:32:25


--On Friday, July 26, 2002 1:03 PM -0700 ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com 

|> A message that for whatever reason hasn't been scanned would have
|> a NULL spamtest value that does not :match or :contain anything.
| FWIW, I agree with this assessment. Spamtest should be cast in terms of
| the relational extension if at all possible.

I have one general question here: if the result of a test is a numeric type
('size' being the best example right now) then should relational be used or
should we have a set of numeric comparators? Obvously 'size' has a set of
comparators already, and I was basing spamtest on that. However, the
existing set of comparators (':over' ':under') did not seem sufficient for
the type of tests one would want to do with spamtest results, hence I
introduced a new set.

Personally I would prefer to stick with the numeric tests to avoid
complexity or dependence on relational. I think Jutta's argument for having
some kind of 'null' result rather than assigning a numeric value for that
does have merit - so maybe that does justify use of relational.

Dependencies bother me less than compounding mechanisms unnecessarily.