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RE: Relay control in SIEVE ???

2003-10-30 10:23:16

Hi Cyrus,

        Thanks for your comemnts.

|     Does sieve have control on relaying of mails at SMTP?
|     When I went through elvey's proposal on "refuse". Good one!
|     dontrelay :
|     Administrator of the domain can decide to accept the mails
|     but they donot want to relay mails to other. This requires
|     an extension "dontrelay" in sieve .

Control of relaying is not a user action but an admin action 
and as such I 
don't see any reason why sieve needs to support it given that 
SMTP servers 
already have a way for the admin to control it. Perhaps you 
can explain why 
this should be built into sieve rather than just using the existing 
anti-relaying setup servers offer?

        I'm not sure whether I understood the sentence "sieve is not
        to any particular operating system or mail architecture". And I
        sieve can be used to do filter at the MTA itself.

        I don't know whether we have /generic mechanism/ by which the
        control is done at the MTA level. 

        I assume all users can have sieve scripts to filter their mails.
        sieve documents describe anything about system level sieve
script ?
        Pls clarify.  I thought an administrator can have a sieve script
        can be executed when client contacts the SMTP server. The sieve
        may decide to refuse/reject to accept mail client connection.
        administrator do not have an mechanism to say that I accept this
        but do not relay the mail.

        Please help me if I'm wrong.


Cyrus Daboo

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