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Re: Relay control in SIEVE ???

2003-10-31 11:34:02

But if anyone is interested enough they can produce MIEVE or similar, 
based on SIEVE but intended for MTA filtering... although I like better 
the idea of extensions to SIEVE. 

There are already good ways to tighten up mail servers against
relaying.  But I'm curious about what other MTA filtering you are
thinking of.  sieve (and sieve-like equivalents) can be used for
filtering things other than final delivery.  For example, we use
sieve filtering here for damping bounces resulting from bad
target addresses.  There are other pass-through kinds of filtering
that sieve-like programs could be appropriate for.  There are
other applications that they are not appropriate for (e.g. relay

From: <ned.freed>

This really could not be clearer. We need to guard against mission creep,
especially since we have so much work left to do in the space sieve is 
intended for. (I count no fewer than 10 drafts in process that relate to

Indeed- all of the drafts likely contain worthwhile things, but
cumulatively could have the effect of extending the language without
regard to language consistency.


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