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RE: Relay control in SIEVE ???

2003-10-31 08:50:18

Hi Ned,

  Oops ! My assumption and understanding about sieve was
  that sieve scripts can be executed when MTA recieves a
  client request. Can't we have checks like, if the connection
  is from... Like that ? Adminstrators can enforce restrictions
  that "I don't relay even spam mails..." :)

Such checks could be added, I suppose, but they aren't there
now. Again, this just isn't what sieve is intended to be used for.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Do you suggest to have a generic mechanism ( out of sieve ) for
      "don't relay" functionality at SMTP level.

No, I don't. I agree with Cyrus: This is an SMTP server administrative function
and moreover one that tends to be done in very server-specific ways. Having
gone through the exercise of designing one generic frameworks at the SMTP
server level -- the MADMAN MTA MIB -- I can tell you that this sort of thing is
VERY difficult to do in a meaningful way, assuming it can even be done at all.
And it definitely lies far outside of sieve's purview. The first sentence in
RFC 3028 abstract states:

  This document describes a language for filtering e-mail messages at time of
  final delivery. 

This really could not be clearer. We need to guard against mission creep,
especially since we have so much work left to do in the space sieve is actually
intended for. (I count no fewer than 10 drafts in process that relate to


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