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Re: Please shoot this ridiculous idea down.

2003-12-17 08:46:24

Simon Josefsson writes:
Arnt Gulbrandsen <arnt(_at_)gulbrandsen(_dot_)priv(_dot_)no> writes:

Mail delivery notification needs some sort of authentication, and it needs knowledge of when which mailboxes receive mail. Sieve has the latter.

That doesn't imply the managesieve server has that knowledge. I think that for all it is worth, the managesieve could be located on an entirely different machine and not at all connected to the mail-delivery process. It might just be responsible for copying the sieve script, and switch between the active scripts, on the mail server.

The managesieve server certainly knows which mailboxes are delivery candidates. To know that, one has to parse the Sieve scripts.

It may or may not know about the delivery time.

So, are two TCP protocols for talking to Sieve software desirable? I say that's one too much, which leaves me with the suggestion: Managesieve should offer mail delivery nofication. Ridiculous.

I believe Managesieve is useful, and that a mail delivery protocol is also useful. Whether the mail delivery protocol should be sieve-specific isn't evident to me. Overloading managesieve for this purpose seem more complicated than inventing a new protocol.

ANOTHER protocol with exactly the same authentication/tls verbiage?