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Re: Please shoot this ridiculous idea down.

2003-12-17 10:27:00

ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com writes:
Another issue is that while sieves are typically applied near the time of delivery, this doesn't mean they are applied _at_ the time of delivery.

If I define "delivery" as appearance in a user-accessible mailbox, sieving would seem to _be_ delivery.

Certainly, from the point of view of a MUA watching for new mail, appearance in a user-visible mailbox is the interesting event.

It is entirely possible and legal for them to be applied before or after, and by an entirely separate agent from the delivery agent. For example, Sun's implementation supports sieve and notifications already but in most cases they aren't even done on the same machine.

Implementation detail, I think...

But anyway, I'm sort of relieved. Even if I can't kill the idea by rational argument, the massively negative reaction on ietf-mta-filters persuades me that it's too ugly to live.