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Re: Please shoot this ridiculous idea down.

2003-12-17 10:18:42

Mark E. Mallett writes:
and shouldn't be treated that way, certainly not by wedging it into what amounts to a glorified file transfer protocol.

Not to mention the implication that you'd double the connection/process load on a mailbox server (keeping an IMAP session and a Manage session open).

Well, people have ernestly said that it's good to keep N IMAP connections open to watch for new mail in N mailboxes. Two is not very large by that scale.

-mm-   (still trying to decide if the original post was serious.)

Not serious, no - that overloading is too repulsive for me to be serious about. But also not joking. Wondering why I couldn't dismiss the idea. It seemed ridiculous, but also...

Consider this question: If a client wishes to "manage sieve", does it sound out-of-scope to monitor what the sieve implementation is doing?

You see what I mean. Repulsive overloading, but I can't quite dismiss it.