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Re: Please shoot this ridiculous idea down.

2003-12-17 10:50:17

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:


I had a ridiculous idea earlier today. It really needs to be shot down. You have to help fix my brain.

Ready? Here it comes:

Managesieve should offer mail delivery notification.

The argument:

Mail delivery notification needs some sort of authentication, and it needs knowledge of when which mailboxes receive mail. Sieve has the latter. The natural way to get the former is to keep a TCP connection to somewhere, perhaps turn on TLS, authenticate, say "tell me about deliveries" and just listen. That way, TCP/TLS will make sure that if I disappear, noone else gets my news.

So, are two TCP protocols for talking to Sieve software desirable? I say that's one too much, which leaves me with the suggestion: Managesieve should offer mail delivery nofication. Ridiculous.


I've not completely gone through this thread. The following draft may not be relative to this topic.

This draft describes a mechanism of collecting the statistical information about sieve action on the received mail. It introduces GETSTAT and RESETSTAT commands to [MSIEVE] to get and reset the statistic information about the sieve actions.