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Re: Sieve extension to expire mails?

2004-03-11 08:52:38

Rob Siemborski writes:
On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:

But regardless of the expiration model, this proposal seems to me to be putting the cart before the horse - we'd need to define an IMAP expiration extension before it is reasonable to extend sieve to support it. And such a sieve extension only makes sense if the model chosen for expirations is per-message.

There's nothing that says we need an IMAP extension for expiration before defining a sieve extension for expiration. Sieve can work in enviornments other than IMAP.

It can. But since the two tend to go together in practice, I'd say that extensions should too, if only to lessen the chance of future gotchas. I would hate to stumble into another maze like ACL/2.

As I read the ANNOTATE draft, Freenet is free to say that /vendor/freenet/expiry is an integer containing some number of days, counting from the INTERNALDATE. No extension needed.