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Re: Sieve extension to expire mails?

2004-03-12 13:41:05

On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 12:11:19AM -0500, Rob Siemborski wrote:
In addition to Ned's comments (which I tend to agree with), does
implementing this sort of folder semantic on a per-message basis even
make any sense?

Let's presume the script:

if envelope :all :contains "to" "rjs3+a@" {
        fileinto "";
} elsif envelope :all :contains "to" "rjs3+b@" {
        fileinto :keep-maximum-storage 100k "";

Does this mean the script only enforces the limit when an "rjs3+b" message
arrives?  If so, is that even useful?

That does look like that is what that script would do, and no, it's
probably not useful.  I would call that a bad script.  When one
provides facilities in a language, one is not personally expected to
debug every script that can be written in it.

There's always a conflict between exposing and encapsulating language
facilities.  For example, the original poster had the notion of adding
a folder definition that would ensure that all operations into that
folder would operate the same way.  I wouldn't want that: I generally
go for the low-level granularity that lets the script writer have
complete control (and responsibility for their own errors).

(In my own implementation I have other ways of dealing with that
conflict anyway.)