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Re: Sieve extension to expire mails?

2004-03-12 15:14:20

That does look like that is what that script would do, and no, it's
probably not useful.  I would call that a bad script.

Well-defined syntax shouldn't let you write a "bad script".

I would have to flat-out disagree with that.  But that's a whole
nother conversation.

 I'd argue
that this particular addition to sieve is likely to be extraordinarly
confusing to users.  If I have 10 places in a script where I can file into
a particular mailbox, I shouldn't need to remember that in each of those
places I need to set the *same* max storage limit.

I can sympathize with those comments even if I don't necessarily have
the same perspective as you.  Mine is to give the power to the script
writer, not protect them from that power.  On a related note: do people
who will be confused by languages write scripts by hand, anyway?  I
imagine that those people use some interface that generates scripts
for them, and "power users" will write scripts by hand.  Neither of
these groups should object to having powerful underlying facilities.

BTW I am not pushing this as a proposal; note that I am commenting in
a thread started by someone else.  But I do believe it is a good idea
that could either be implemented as-is or incorporated into a more
complete extension somewhere down the line.