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Re: Updated Sieve notification draft

2005-09-28 01:14:58

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 06:24:04PM +0100, Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:
      [...] that allows users to give specific rules for how and when
      notifications should be sent when mail is received.

I've deleted "when mail is received" part and used the suggested text.

Just nitpicking, but it is the Sieve base language that contains the
rules, not the notify extension.  The latter only sends notifications. :-)

I think it would be good if the notify document described at least one
method.  it seems to me that the amount of explanation needed for SMS
and XMPP would be very little, and not worthy of a separate document.
there is no need to go into protocol specifics, IMHO, a simple mapping
for where the message should go seems sufficient.

SMS is trivial. XMPP is more interesting, because it allows for multiple 
alternative representations.

I would also like to avoid any normative reference to XMPP. This can be 
probably done if XMPP notifications are described in an informative 

As odd as that may sound, but I would like to see mailto URLs being
described.  The normative reference should not be a problem and there
are many SMTP to SMS gateways run by cell phone providers.  I know many
people using them to get SMS notifications.  Usually they transmit the
Subject: of the message and the mail address looks like <number>@gateway.
Since it causes no costs for the sending side, many peoviders offer those.

I am still hesitating. I see a point of having a timestamp somewhere in 
a notification, either as a separate field or in the body.

What other people think about this?

Thinking about it, time stamps are useful, but I never had any for
notifications and did not miss them in the past.  I would not require
them, but perhaps recommend.