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Re: values of notify ":priority" tag

2005-12-05 12:24:54

On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 01:31:58PM -0000, Nigel Swinson wrote:
It feels like what was discussed in these threads has been forgotten:

Sorry, I wasn't here for that.


"This makes it sound like there are hard and fast rules between user status 
notifications and the setting of the priority parameter, yet the discussion 
is very brief and doesn't elaborate to rigorously define all those rules.  I 
also feel uneasy about adding syntax that permits only 3 levels of priority.  
 I think we should either drop the parameter, or extend it to allow an almost 
arbitrary number and style of priority statuses, even if we only define 3 for 
now.  I'm thinking of the Priority/X-Priority/X-MSMail-Priority mess in mail 
headers.  I'd suggest a string which could be used with the relational draft 
to do numeric comparisons if desired."

What are the use cases for priorities other than those in RFC 1327?
Sure, infinite priority gradations sound appealing in theory, but what
will they really be used for?