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Re: values of notify ":priority" tag

2005-12-07 11:52:50

On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 01:01:25PM -0500, Barry Leiba wrote:
We had an experimental notification mechanism here, which used user 
to determine how to notify the user.  It used the :priority in addition to
information the "context server" knew about the user to decide whether or 
to notify, and to pick the ultimate notification channel.

That sort of thing can't really be done in the Sieve script, so it makes
sense to give the notification mechanism as much information as we can,
so that it can do it.

Cool.  For the first time, ":priority" (or ":importance", as you
suggested) makes perfect sense to me and I no longer think it should be
dropped from the notify framework, but described much better instead.

I wonder if there is a common denominator of X-Priority, XMPP, your
context server, syslog, usenet article scores and possibly other things
that do not address the quality of service, but importance of messages
to people.

Is importance a one-dimensional quantity? I have a feeling it isn't,
and if so, trying to describe it by a single numeric value will fail.
But that is just a feeling.