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Re: draft-ietf-sieve-variables-07

2006-01-10 11:49:27

I like this a lot.  I was struggling to articulate why I didn't like what 
being proposed, but this sounds very extensible.  I already have a
CSieveRunTimeEnvironment class in my solution and was already wanting to 
more information available to the script.

I'm curious as to what sorts of things you have in this class. The things I
immediately see as useful are the server name, the place in the process where
the script is executing, and information relating to whether or not this 
is executing standalone or has been called in some way from another script.

It holds state/manages things like:
- Mail message
- Owner info
- Server info
- Variables
- Method to obtain spam score/virus scoret
- A cache of the spam score, virus score
- Methods for reporting errors

But my reason for the comment was the relating to "Information about the 
owner".  ie I'm thinking it might be useful to access 
mailowner/domain/mailserver configuration from within a sieve script.  Perhaps 
things like the server name, but also possibly mailbox properties like return 

In the case of scripts that are executed against lots of mailboxes then I was 
also thinking of stuff like:

 Do initial basic sieve filtering
 if (User has paid me for feature X) {
   Do expensive sieve filtering
 if (User has paid me for feature Y) {
   Do slightly less expensive sieve filtering
 Do basic sieve filtering