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Re: Generalizing subaddress

2006-03-24 06:31:35

On Fri Mar 24 00:25:37 2006, Ken Murchison wrote:

I was tasked at Tuesday's Sieve WG meeting with trying to make the language in the subaddress draft even more general than it currently is, but as Philip noted in another thread, doing so makes it very difficult to describe when :detail is present/empty/not present. I have not found a way to describe these states without relying on some type of 'delimiter' or 'separator'.

Consider this a plea for some suggested text.

I think much of Ken's problem here is that he's trying to build a standard method for doing something with unstandardized local part formats.

Perhaps what's actually needed is some kind of informational document describing various mechanisms that exist for subaddressing and similar local-part "encodings", and then using the subaddress Sieve extension to access those encodings.

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