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Re: Proposal for escaping on non-UTF-8 sequences in Sieve

2006-10-02 04:51:45

On Sun, Sep 24, 2006 at 10:06:44PM +0100, Alexey Melnikov wrote:
After thinking more about this (and reviewing list of options provided 
by Philip), I would like to propose a variables-like syntax close to 
what you suggested above:
controlled by a new Sieve capability "string-escape".
This would give existing implementations an ability to provide the 
escaping functionality in both quoted and multiline strings, without the 
need to implement variables.
Any objections?

Just curious: What speaks against using the syntax of variables?  It is
certainly a MUST that the new extension does not require variables,
but that does not forbid to use their syntax.

$%xx$%xx is OK for me, but ${hex:xxxx} is easier to read and we don't
get in trouble, should someone really miss ${frombase64:xxxx} and add it.