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Re: Proposal for escaping on non-UTF-8 sequences in Sieve

2006-10-20 07:04:02

I disagree. I think encoded-octet and variables should be independent 

I agree

Ok, so let both be top-level things, working independent of each other.

That's 2:1 now saying we need a new extension to evaluate 
Anybody else?

I would want ${hex:${variable}} to be a syntax error if "hex" was requir()ed, 
and valid if variables was require()ed and "hex" was not.  I don't see a need 
for recursive evaluation.  I'm used to one pass, just like dequoting.  At the 
moment I can't think of any recursive string expansion out there...  Instead 
put your hex into ${variable} when constructing it.

Hmm.  So the result of the second would be "${hex:variable value}"?

I tend to say: If ${ is seen and there is no }, or stuff inside that
can't be processed for whatever reason, then cause an error.  But I am
not sure how variables defined that so far.