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Re: Proposal for escaping on non-UTF-8 sequences in Sieve

2006-10-20 05:22:23

Which comes first, encoding replacement or variable expansion?  Or are 
they concurrent?  Whatever the answer, the variables I-D will need to make 
that clear.
(I think encoding replacement should come before variable expansion.)

I think they should be processed inside-out, but not in separate
passes.  Variables introduce of the concept of strings (aka test
and action arguments) not being literals, but string expressions that
are evaluated.  It makes sense that arguments of string functions
turn from literals to string expressions, too.

As a result, without variables, "${hex:${hex:4646}}" is a syntax error.

With variables, it is "FF".

I disagree. I think encoded-octet and variables should be independent 

That's 2:1 now saying we need a new extension to evaluate "${hex:${variable}}".
Anybody else?

Speaking as implementor I am more likely to implement encoded-octets first.

So am I.


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