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Re: [Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-freed-sieve-environment-ihave-00.txt]

2006-11-16 10:59:11

Ken Murchison writes:
Lisa Dusseault wrote:

In the long run, should "ihave" replace "requires" since it subsumes that functionality?

I think "requires" still has use during upload.


If a script is written so that all extensions that are being used outside of "ihave" are listed in "requires", then the implementation can simply check this list against the optional functionality it supports and refuse to accept the script at upload time (or provide a warning) if it doesn't support one or more of the "requires". If we eliminate "requires" then an implementation that wants to perform this refusal/warning has to parse the entire script to look for "ihave"-unprotected optional features.

Or optional features within the wrong ihave.