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Re: Naming conventions for Sieve RFCs

2007-12-04 14:27:31

Aaron Stone wrote:

>Reviving this thread from the last message (not necessarily replying to
>this one specifically)...
>I am converting refuse-reject to xml2rfc. I have this:
>    <!-- The abbreviated title is used in the page header -
>         it is only necessary if the full title is longer
>         than 39 characters -->
>    <title abbrev="Sieve Extension: Reject">
>      Sieve Email Filtering: Reject Extension
>    </title>
>I like Nigel's suggestion not to imply the functionality via the
>possibly jargony extension name, but rather to state the purpose of the
>extension in the title. This may result in long titles.
>For example, "Sieve Email Filtering: Extensions for Message Rejection".
>I think we should use both Nigel's and Kjetil's suggestions:
>"Sieve Email Filtering: Extensions for Foo" on the front page.
>"Sieve Extension: Foo" on top of each inner page.
Fine with me.
I've just updated sieve-notify to use the same convention.

Vaction currently has:

<title abbrev="Sieve Vacation Extension">
Sieve Email Filtering: Vacation Extension

Should I send in an update that changes this to:

<title abbrev="Sieve Extension: Vacation">
Sieve Email Filtering: Vacation Extension