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Re: Naming conventions for Sieve RFCs

2007-12-04 12:55:07

Aaron Stone wrote:

Reviving this thread from the last message (not necessarily replying to
this one specifically)...

I am converting refuse-reject to xml2rfc. I have this:

   <!-- The abbreviated title is used in the page header -
        it is only necessary if the full title is longer
        than 39 characters -->

   <title abbrev="Sieve Extension: Reject">
     Sieve Email Filtering: Reject Extension

I like Nigel's suggestion not to imply the functionality via the
possibly jargony extension name, but rather to state the purpose of the
extension in the title. This may result in long titles.

For example, "Sieve Email Filtering: Extensions for Message Rejection".

I think we should use both Nigel's and Kjetil's suggestions:
"Sieve Email Filtering: Extensions for Foo" on the front page.
"Sieve Extension: Foo" on top of each inner page.
Fine with me.
I've just updated sieve-notify to use the same convention.