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Re: Proposed charter change

2008-03-13 09:02:43

We would like to see a "show of hands" from implementers on each of the new
extensions being proposed so that we can judge the interest in each.


        (a) Body (draft-ietf-sieve-body-07.txt)

Partial implementation likely, full implementation unlikely - too expensive

        (b) Notify mailto (draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto.txt)

We already implement the old draft of this. An update to the current draft is

        (c) Edit header (draft-ietf-sieve-editheader-10.txt)

Already implemented.

        (d) Mime loops (draft-ietf-sieve-mime-loop-04.txt)

Partially implemented. Full implementation likely.

        (e) Refuse/reject (draft-ietf-sieve-refuse-reject-06.txt)

Already implemented.

(2) Finalize and publish the following SIEVE extensions as proposed

        (a) Date/Index (draft-freed-sieve-date-index-08.txt)

Already implemented.

        (b) iHave (draft-freed-sieve-ihave-01.txt)

Already implemented.

        (c) Environment (draft-freed-sieve-environment-03.txt)

Already implemented.

        (d) Notary (draft-freed-sieve-notary-01.txt)

Will be implemented once specification is completed.

        (e) SIEVE in XML (draft-freed-sieve-in-xml-01.txt)

Already implemented.

        (f) Notify-sip (draft-melnikov-sieve-notify-sip-message-01.txt)

Unlikely to implement.

        (g) ManageSIEVE (draft-martin-managesieve-08.txt)

Implementation in progress.

        (h) RegEx (draft-ietf-sieve-regex-00.txt)

Already implemented, but will probably need i18n work.

        (j) Meta-data (draft-melnikov-sieve-imapext-metadata-03.txt)

Under investigation.

        (k) Include/multi-script (draft-daboo-sieve-include-05.txt)

We use the multiple script approach instead and this doesn't reallly fit
our storage model. Unlikely to implement but this may change depending
on how the draft progresses.

        (k) Address data (draft-melnikov-sieve-external-lists-01)

Not implemented yet but next on the to-do list.


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