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Re: Comments on draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto-07.txt

2008-04-03 07:16:40

(Speaking as the document shepherd.)

Barry Leiba wrote:

I also have a more general question here:
How did this (actually, the -06 version) manage to get to the IESG, and into IETF Last Call? I had no idea you were sending it yet, since we'd talked about the -07 revision, and we clearly don't have WG consensus on it.

Version -06 was accidentally sent to IETF LC, due to a wrong draft state in the ID tracker. Oh well.

And things that I *did* think we had WG consensus are being revisited.

I didn't expect this either.

We need to pull it back from the IESG, (re)establish WG consensus (and explain why the PROTO writeup was wrong), and then send it back for a fresh IETF Last Call.

I am not entirely sure that we need another IETF LC, but let's make this decision when the dust settles and the WG agrees on all changes.