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Re: WGLC on draft-ietf-sieve-managesieve-01.txt (review)

2008-11-08 12:42:00

Hi Stephan,
I am responding to the rest of your comments:

Stephan Bosch wrote:




I am glad that somebody has noticed :-).

I might be too ambitious in this case: I would like to require a SASL mechanism that doesn't pass password to the server (like SASL PLAIN) and can be used without TLS. DIGEST-MD5 mechanism would have been my preferred mechanism a couple of years ago. But the current SASL WG thinking is that it has too many interop issues and is too hard to implement. That is why I have SCRAM in the document.

So I think now is good time for having a discussion about which mandatory-to-implement SASL mechanism we should have in ManageSieve. For short term and medium term (3 years).



- NOOP: why expect a NO response from older servers? It is advertised as a capability; if it is not advertised, don't issue the NOOP command.

I've removed the following sentence:

   Older servers may not understand the NOOP command and robust clients
   SHOULD be prepared to receive a NO response.


- The described protocol is both referred to as "ManageSieve" and "Manage Sieve" (e.g. IANA Considerations)

Ok, I've changed "Manage Sieve" to "ManageSieve" everywhere in the document.

I hope this review is useful. I'll try to update my implementation to match the most recent changes in the coming week or so.