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Re: Comments on draft-melnikov-sieve-external-lists-02.txt

2009-07-22 06:52:29

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Barry Leiba wrote:

In my previous message I said that I had other issues with the
document.  Here they are:

Making :list a match type sorts out my issues with section 2.2, so that's fine.

But the same issues affect section 2.3.  If the list can't be
enumerated, you can't redirect to it.

:list is not a match type in this case, again it is a black box.

So I would like to correct your statement. There is no need whatsoever to be able to enumerate list membership in Sieve in order to redirect. The only requirement is that whoever does mailing list expansion needs to be able to do that. Such entity doesn't have to be the Sieve engine.

Section 2.3 needs to make it
clear that whether an external list can do this or not depends upon
the list, and it needs to say what happens if it can't (ignore, or
throw runtime error seem to be the two sensible choices, and I think I
prefer the latter).

We should discuss this in Stockholm (and on the mailing list). I wasn't thinking about being able to use the header test without being able to reference the same list in redirect.

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