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Re: [sieve] Notify (RFC 5435) questions

2009-10-05 10:26:38
The change I would propose is to make the quoted text, above, change to

   This extension changes the semantics of quoted-string, multi-line-
   literal and multi-line-dotstuff found in [SIEVE], including any
literals that are
   directly specified in the grammar, to enable the inclusion of the
value of variables.

As far as I can tell, that is the only place in RFC 5229 that says
anything about what variables can substitute for.

I think the Enotify spec needs to say that variable expansion applies to the
importance field.

If you want to add a statement to the Variables spec, we can do that too.
But I don't believe this would eliminate the need to clarify Enotify.

I think that gets into Ned's concern, with which I agree, of having to
specify in every extension that variables apply here and here and

If 5229 (as modified) makes it clear that grammatical structures such as
   foobar = "foo" / "bar"
are covered by variable substitution -- which is what I think my
proposed change does -- then why would we also need to update any of
the notify specs?

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