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Re: [sieve] Notify (RFC 5435) questions

2009-10-05 18:18:20
  When a string is evaluated, substrings matching variable-ref SHALL be
  replaced by the value of variable-name.

*Substrings* matching variable-ref are replaced.  That seems to me to be
an explict statement declaration that it "stands in" for a portion of a

Yes, good.  I'd missed interpreting that, in the mess I was looking
at.  That's good.  I think we are, indeed, set on this, then, and no
clarification (other than fixing the typos in the syntax names) is

I'll also note that since we don't include "number" in the
constructions that can be substituted, we can't use variables in the
"size" test, for example.  So this is syntactically invalid:

       if size :over ${max} {

I'm not sure whether or not that was intended.

I seemed clear enough to me at the time.  The fact that we call out the
syntax elements for quoted-string and multiline strings would seem to back
up that people knew we were just talking about strings.

I don't remember discussing it at all, so I'm not sure whether we
intended it or not.  Because the size test is the only thing affected
by this, it could easily have been an oversight (our other use of
numbers, as in :count and :importance, puts them in as strings).

Does anyone else remember specific discussion of variables not
substituting for numbers?  Do we care?

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