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Re: [sieve] I-D Action:draft-ietf-sieve-external-lists-08.txt

2011-05-19 13:13:52
The one thing I wanted to point out is that section 2.6 is going to end
up in the IANA registry in it's entirety, including the text about the example
parameter values. I think this is OK, but want to be sure nobody else thinks 
might confuse people into thinking all these names actually need to be

I don't think so (first sentence), and I can certainly make sure it
doesn't when we get the IANA actions note.  The intent is that the
only thing in the registry is "addrbook" and the reference to section
2.6 of RFC xxxx as where the doc lives.  The stuff in sec 2.6 is
simply the documentation that has to exist, as required by the reg

Section 4.3 says that the registry has "URN parameter name" and
"Reference".  Under "reference", it goes on to say what information
MUST exist in the *reference*, but not in the *registry*.

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