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Re: [sieve] SIEVE WG Status

2011-06-21 11:19:23
On 6/20/11 12:59 PM, Barry Leiba wrote:


These should all be published soon (having mostly been blocked on
external-lists which was recently approved). Thanks to everyone for their
work on these.
We can actually ask the ADs to release the hold on the three earlier
drafts.  They were not actually waiting on a normative reference to
external-lists.  It was an AD-requested hold to make sure that the
external-lists URI questions were settled down so that the examples
would be correct.  Now that external-lists is in the RFC-ed queue, the
other three docs can go ahead.  I'm copying Pete, asking him to ask
the RFC Editor to go ahead and process autoreply, notify-presence, and
vacation-seconds, and I will correct the examples in AUTH48.

Pete acks.


Pete Resnick<>
Qualcomm Incorporated - Direct phone: (858)651-4478, Fax: (858)651-1102

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