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Re: [sieve] SIEVE WG Status

2011-06-21 17:12:47
On 6/21/11 4:57 PM, Alexey Melnikov wrote:
Cyrus Daboo wrote:

I wanted to give a status update of the WG and also ask a few questions of everyone to see where we want to go. This comes at the prompting of our new AD who wants to judge the "energy level" of this WG to determine whether it makes sense for the WG to continue.

Note that I did request a 1 hour session for the upcoming meeting in Quebec City

The last face-to-face WG meeting was last July. Since then the following drafts have been through IETF processing and are now in the RFC editor queue:


I think these drafts were past AUTH48 when I stopped them from being published (due to the reference to draft-ietf-sieve-external-lists). So the RFC Editor should be told that we want to review/fix examples before publishing.

They are all showing in "EDIT" now. But I already let the RFC Editor know that they are no longer on AD hold, so you may want to email them to check on status.

If the WG does shut down, it seems reasonable for any of these drafts to continue on as individual contributions.
Does our esteemed AD agree?

Your humble and curmudgeonly AD is going to ask lots of questions about what kind of review (both small and IETF-wide) these documents are going to get before he is thrilled out of his mind to take them on as individual submissions through the AD and declare them "consensus documents". If you can't generate interest in getting them reviewed in a WG, I'm not entirely convinced how you're going to get enough review without one. And I hate dealing with individual submission documents, especially if I've got to do all of the legwork to get them reviewed.

  (4) Work on a specification to describe how EAI/IDN issues should be
  handled in SIEVE.

We have periodically asked about this, and most of the time there seemed very little that needed to be done in SIEVE to deal with this. One option going forward is for the WG to drop this item in favor of it being picked up in the EAI WG.

I declare this to be Pete's problem either way ;-).
Doing this in EAI would be fine.

Let's start by making it Klensin's and Yee's problem if it comes to that. They can make it my problem in due time.


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