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Re: [sieve] I-D Action: draft-ietf-sieve-include-07.txt

2011-07-09 10:43:29
Barry Leiba wrote:

## 'ISSUE' 3:

I've had a few request and questions from users about having an optional
include, i.e. an include directive that is skipped without error if (and
only if) the to-be-included script does not exist. Do you find this a
feature? If yes, is it possible to add this to the main draft now or
there be an 'include-optional' extension that adds an ':optional' tag to
include command?
Oh, huh. I suppose at least a hack around this would be an empty script?
Yes, but that will not be adequate in many situations. Do more people have
thoughts on this?

I would support an ":optional" tag on "include", which would cause an
error NOT to be generated if the included script doesn't exist.  That
should be an easy change to the text, and an easy thing for
implementors to do.
+1. I would like to see this being added as well.

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