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Re: [sieve] I-D Action: draft-ietf-sieve-include-07.txt

2011-07-12 05:36:47
Hi Aaron,

Op 11-7-2011 4:33, Aaron Stone wrote:
Here's the language I came up with, and updated ABNF. I realized that the way the ABNF was currently written, the tagged parameters to include had a specific order. I don't think this was intentional, but was just an artifact of there having been only one parameter when the ABNF was first written.

From RFC 5228, Section 2.6.2 "Tagged Arguments":

Tagged arguments must appear before positional arguments, but they
may appear in any order with other tagged arguments.  For simplicity
of the specification, this is not expressed in the syntax definitions
with commands, but they still may be reordered arbitrarily provided
they appear before positional arguments.  Tagged arguments may be
mixed with optional arguments.

Since you import the conventions from RFC 5228 in Section 2, this applies to this document as well.

I realize that the new ABNF allows more than one location parameter to
by syntactically valid, so I added text that it cannot be specified
more than once. I hope that's reasonable; if not, better ABNF is

I would just stick to a nice and brief version of what you had earlier:

Usage:   include [LOCATION] [":once"] [":optional"]<value: string>

         LOCATION = ":personal" / ":global"

(I believe the double quotes around the tagged arguments are mandatory. These are missing in your last version.).

One other thing:

Just after the new text for :optional there is a paragraph with a notice about the recommended application of :once, which now seems to regard the :optional tag. I don't think this is intentional and this paragraph should be moved above the new paragraph about :optional.



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