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Re: [sieve] [apps-discuss] Processing draft-bosch-sieve-duplicate via APPSAWG

2013-05-22 11:19:42
I'd prefer the discussion happen here, but I don't feel strongly on the

However, I'd be happier if there were a few other reviewers/commenters in
here that are willing to support the document through the process.  Now
Cc:ing sieve(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org (when someone over there approves my post), 
can I get
a couple more volunteers?

We always have a tricky situation when something belongs elsewhere as
well as on apps-discuss -- this has happened a few times as we've
branched off discussions (webfinger, json, dmarc), and will also
happen in cases such as imap and sieve stuff, as we try to bring it
into appsawg.  I think the best approach is to try to cross-post when
it's stuff that's relatively low volume (such as this), and to keep
apps-discuss periodically updated when it's higher volume (such as

We've now had reviews of this document Ned Freed, Aaron Stone, and Cyrus Daboo.  Alexey, too, as
shepherd.  And PSA has expressed approval for handling it in appsawg.
I've seen no objections, so I think that works for bringing it into
appsawg.  For review, if we could get a couple of other appsawg folks,
even some who are not otherwise involved with sieve, to review it as a
sanity check, we should be OK.  Claudio can help corral a couple of
reviewers through appsdir.

We might also specifically ask Arnt Gulbrandsen and Tim Showalter for
reviews, as formerly active Sieve folks.

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