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Re: Just say NO to key escrow or CMR/ARR revisited

1997-11-05 13:24:58
At 08:04 AM 11/5/97 -0800, mark(_at_)unicorn(_dot_)com wrote:
   This is precisely the point we're making. If CMR goes into the Open
   PGP spec then this will happen *automatically* with any compliant
   application which receives a GMR key from abroad. 
How do you know?

From my very first post on the subject to the OP list on CMR, I said that I
opposed what you're suggesting above. If CMR were mandatory, PGP products
would not comply, because it isn't mandatory in any PGP product.

   I have no great problem with defining the neccesary flags and tags 
   as 'implementation defined' so that non-CMR applications won't barf 
   when they see them, but I certainly do not want to have to build 
   snoopware into my applications in order to comply with the standard.

This is *PRECISELY* what my original suggestion was. I think this is why
some people talk about "fear mongering." No one has ever suggested anything
by just defining the tags, and leaving treatment up to the application,
except the fear mongers.


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