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Re: extension mechanism needed

1997-11-14 14:19:39

Jon Callas <jon(_at_)pgp(_dot_)com> writes:
There are two parts of the extension mechanism: a "notation" that is a tag
and value (16-bit length for each, no encoding assumed) that can be put in
any signature. This is so it can be used both for extensions, but also for
human-readable notes. You might, for example, put in a document signature
"read but not agreed to". 

Sounds cool.  16 bits is lots.

The second part is a "standalone signature" which is a signature
that hashes only over its own subpacket contents. This is so you can
have signatures that encode their own extension pieces so that they
can act like SPKI certificates (or even *hold* SPKI certificates) or
any other type of advanced use.

The icing too.

What more could we ask for :-)

Pentium bug program in C, cut and paste to shell:
echo main=0xc8c70ff0\; > t.c; gcc t.c; a.out # boom!

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