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Re: Armour

1997-11-24 08:35:07
That's an entertaining possibility.  The implication being that a mail
program that could handle all the possibilities would require me
keeping copies of pgp2 and 5, along with a new OP compliant program, and
the mail program would have to be written to deal with them all.  Am I
the only one who thinks this is nuts?  

No you aren't, as this wasn't what I said.

People are complaining that old services won't work if we do x to the
standard. People who currently use such services obviously have a
current version of PGP. They will be able to continue using such
services if they so wish. Meanwhile, said services can be upgrading to
use the new standard.

I really have lost count of how many times people have made the point
that MUST OP implementations will not be backward compatible because of
decisions we have made already.


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