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Re: Armour

1997-11-24 11:53:54
At 08:07 AM 11/24/97 +0000, Ian Grigg wrote:
1.  Is this WG happy to take as a given, or a working assumption, or a
fundamental position (pick your own term), that the compatibility with
the installed base is lost?

There is a tendancy to assume that there will be an unbridgable rift
between OP and pre-standard Classic PGP (2.6, Viacrypt 4, PGP Inc 5.x).
This is not so, and is unlikely ever to be so. 

It is misleading to speak of compatibility "being lost". It _may_ be
forgone by some implementations, which choose not to implement RSA/IDEA.
They are still documented, for those who wish to use them. 

Compatibility with Classic PGP has become optional. All OP implementations
will be compatible with each other. I suspect most will also be compatible
with the Classic PGP, but that's up to implementers and users. 

It is true that a de-minimis implementation of OP will not be compatible
with old PGP. 

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